Sunday, November 14, 2010


I lovee my cousin Brittany ♥
Last night we went out, played some beer pong, smoked a bong, ahhh (:
I met this super cute guy, Gene. He's 23 though...and thinks I'm 18! Haha we had to make up a story for me because I was around all twenty year olds and there wasn't supposed to be any minors there! But I don't know what to do anymore..I really fucking like this kid. Britt and I gotta hangout again.
Madison and I are becoming really good friends, (: we have fun. Hahahah I luhhhhh her ♥

Next weekend we fuckin' hanging out, hopefuly the wholeeee weekend. We do percasets, ativan, valume, vistiril, and vicodin. Helllz yeeah son! :D hahaha wow I'm terrible.
But I think I'm going to stop smoking weed and shit, I honestly just feel sick from it. And no more beer for me, I'm such a light weight it's terrrribleeee.! Hahah no but Gene, ♥ Oh my goodness. Thisss fuckinggg suckksssss. I wish I didn't lie about my age, I seriously would do anything for that guy, he is such a nice guy. Not only because I was fucked up eitherr, he is GOOD! (: Has a rough past, but doesn't everyone? I don't know..Damn damn damn damn damn damn. I like him soososoooooooooooooooooooooo much.

Well sorry. I just had the best night of my life, kinda. No I did, yep yep.(:
And I'm back in the 120's! I just have to pass a potassium blood test somehow and be 135 next time I go to see my ED specialist BITCH and Imma be on my way back to 110! ♥
This time I won't get caught either. I know I won't.
Life is fucking great. Nice guys, oh and they all thought I actually look 18-19! And they said I was sooo fucking prettty and gorgeous and I just felt so good about myself, like I never ever everr have before. :D no guys ever say that to me in school, except like the weirdos or this one james kid who had sex with my best friend and dated her for a while and now hates her and is 'in love' with me and wants picturees and shit. I don't do that. I even told him! BUT NO! Of course he won't leave it alone.
ANYWAYS. Immma go. I'm in such a good mood. (: Gene! ♥ :D
ifoeuboufneuofoecfenf lovee youu alll sweeties,(:

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