Monday, November 22, 2010

Vanilla Chai Tea ♥

I never wanted to go to school so badly before. Possibly 80 days expulsion; tomorrow I have a meeting with the board of education and I have a hearing. Oh dear. My stomach is doing somersaults! God has been my best friend for these past 48 hours, 'cept I'm not gettin' too much from him..
So Mitchel is this guy I've been talking to lately. We met way back at the beginning of this year? Made out at the Maple Festival (aha) then he asked me out (aha) and I said yes but ended up breaking up with him like three days later? (aha) I don't know. He's a yes and he's a no. He's like freakin' obsessed with me?! He's all like "I'm scared of loosing you again.." and "I love you sooo much" ... yeah. But he's really cute and we get along so well, like instant connection ♥
It just really sucks that he lives far away, so we never really get to see each other. But hopefully Wednesday night this week, (:
Not much else to say. ED-wise I'm still having behaviors. Trying to stop, but I just can't handle weight gain and I don't want to go back to rehab. I don't know. It's an every day struggle but I'm getting through. Softball is like, my one and only motivation but since I'm suspended I can't do anything school related and it's a program through the school, so yeah. IT SUCKS. But what can I do? Hmmm well hopefully everything tomorrow goes okay. I honestly want to get back in school. It's funny how I took something so..I don't know..but I took school for granted? Never ever ever ever ever take school for granted. Lesson learned.

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