Sunday, June 6, 2010

summmmerrr time!

Finally, school is over! Well, amost. I have to go in tomorrow at 9 for finals, so I'll get out a little before 1. Then Tuesday I just have one in the morning, and I'll be home by 9, then it's all done! :) I'm about 118 now, ugh. But tomorrow I will definitely be 117. I had only two b/p's today! That's good for me! Haha well only two mostly because we didn't have any food, like litterally. But then I went grocery shopping for my mom, so I kinda picked out some good crackers..Oh well. I can totally get up whatever I eat, that's no problem, I just don't feel like throwing up. /: I'm soo tired of it. But at the same time I'm soo hungry. It's dumb.
So me and my one friend are becoming closer. :) She's cool, like she's 115, so so skinny, like I litterally could fit my hands around her legs. I guess her medication made her loose all this weight, she used to be pretty big before. Probably about 134 I'm guessing? So same as me pretty much, but I know I don't look nearly as thin as her. /: one day though, one day.
Softball is whatever to me now. I'm quitting both my teams for the summer. /: I'm just so tired! I do not feel like playing at all. Plus I don't have rides to any of them. I don't know.
Well I'm going to try not to eat for the rest of nightt, I could sure use any tips!?

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  1. drink lots of water.
    good luck in finals.