Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Content. ♥

I think I have to hurry up and write this fast because there is a thunderstorm about to happen!
But yeah, counseling didn't go so well. I had to do another random drug test (pee in a cup & have the lady watch you as you pee) yes, awkward, but I couldn't pee. I couldn't pee. I had no pee in me to pee out. What the fuck. So it looks bad on me - that I didn't do the test two times in a row and May 23 is my court date. Like for real, blood test me / hair / mouth / whatever (!) just drug test me and I will be clean. I haven't done shit in about two weeks so I should be good, well no, I am clean and will test negative for everything! Dumb people.
Today a lot of shit went down at school. Fuck you Torr: you've been my best friend since second grade, and all you've done is be a two faced little lying bitch, thanks for fucking me over.
Sorry, had to get that out.
I feel so content right now. So at peace; not angry, just so happy. I want to make something big out of this little life I have and I'm going to start tonight.

William Fitzsimmons = ♥♥♥ ♥ !
His music is beautiful, it makes me happy.

I'm happy.

So happy.
And so is ED.

Things are lookin' up.

Or maybe it's just because I feel so happy right now?

Who knows.

...I love blogging! :)

Check out my new picture! >>

I fit in a size 0 of Hollister skinny jeans. But I don't feel that small. I'm going to start loosing this disgusting-ness like crazy.

I need people here for me though, if you live in the US and can text, I'll give you my numberr - ana buddies? Please help me, I'll love you forever!! :)

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  1. im sorry aht u coudlnt pee in the cup its alot of pressure wih them watching u they should know that
    i need new jeans none of mine fit i know hollisters are smaller right but i dont have the money for that
    im an amercia but id rather email first to get to know u danirkt@hotmail.com