Friday, May 20, 2011

Screeeeeeew Doctors.

In a relationship with Adam. ♥
He means a lot to me. He's back in jail though; overdosed :(
Probably gone for a while. I wrote him this three page letter; debating on whether or not I should send it. It's deep, and just talks about my feelings for him and just how important he is to me and how I wish he could stay sober. I let three friends read it and they all said it was so good. They said I'm a good writer and should write a book, lol.
Hmm what else. Tomorrow night I'm getting drunk as fuck with my niggga bitchh :) Hahah Madison, we got expelled from school together and now are such good friends. Did 2400 mg of shit with her today - feelin' good!
I hate doctors. They think they know everything, but they really don't. Oh well, what can I do?
Nothing! Haha yeah.
I'm not in a blogging mood, so I'll cut this one short as well.
Stay strong lovelies. ♥


  1. I hate doctors too. And if he will be in jail a while, you don't need to send the letter right away. You can wait and send it in a few days or something. Or you can give it to him when he gets out. He should probably read it though. Might help him keep out of trouble. Stay strong.

  2. How can you be in a relationship with him if hes in jail? can't be to much fun..but defiantly send the letter, if he'll listen to anyone it would prolly be you.

  3. im sorry that hes in jail hun but u should send the letter heneeds to get hes life together and figure out what is important
    take care of urself

  4. doctors are so stupid! sorry 2 here about ur man ,u should give him the letter