Saturday, August 6, 2011


People can be real ignorant, you know?

Liars, cheaters- you name it.
I never would of thought that I'd come this far with ED. It's not fair, I want to live a normal life.. Yes normal. There can be such thing if you believe in it, and I believe in it. Normal to me would be; eating without worry, not over eating, not starving, not throwing up anything I eat, not having to lie to everyone in regards to food...there's more but you get the gist of what I'm saying.
Last night while making my binge foods, I burned my hand really bad. Like hot oil splashed up on me and it burned my entire right wrist, about three inches up and down it, and up to the knuckles on my thumb and fingers. TALK ABOUT PAINFUL? But I somehow still binged, still purged? Yeah, I held a bag of frozen brussels sprouts on me the whole time - it hurt my finger though when I was..yeah. You understand right? Good.
Nothing else really goin' down, I think. I don't know. If I remember anything I can always make another post haha. ;)
Thanks everyone for the comments and new followers. ♥
So happy you enjoy reading my! Haha :)
Much love, forrrreal;
Every one of you guys are so so sosososoooo sooo SO appreciated and really make my day sometimes
. Thank you so much for being the beautiful people you are. ♥


  1. Oh the burning sounds really painful! I hope it heals soon.

    I believe that you will get a life free from ED, because you want it. Keep wanting it, like really wanting it and you will get there. I know can.

    Ok, on a kind of unrelated note, I didn't realise that any other countries had brussel sprouts lol. I look like a dick now don't I lol?

  2. damnt hat most of hurt ive bruntmy wrist b3fore liek 2nd degree burn bubbled and all so i know how it feel sim sorry

    thats all i want is to b happy just b happy fornot hate myself allthe tiem

  3. i hope the burn gets better! i dream of normal too, but it seems that normal girls worry about their food and their body, must be because of men and their shallowness. Ps: i would love to learn more about mia, most of my followers are ana.