Sunday, May 16, 2010

sunday night live

Isn't that a name of a show - Sunday Night Live...err wait, Saturday Night Live! Hahah woow. Well I'm doing okay. Just okay. Like not good not bad; simply OKAY. Stuck on 120, rats. Last night was nice, I needed it. I would of been 119 but stupid friend's mom made me eat breakfast and then I binged even more when I got home to get it all up and I was like 119.7, NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Goodness, I binged and purged three times today. Not good, not good. This week I'm going to try my absolute hardest not to eat at all. Softball ends Tuesday but Wednesday I think I have practice for rec. I don't know if I'm going to go, haha. Who cares anymore...not me! I'm like caught up in all the bud. DRYMOUTH SUCKS. I should probably be sleeping right now, dumb school tomorrow. I want to see Elliot, I miss him dearly. Elliot was like this boy I had the biggest crush on, and we'd hang out allll the time. He never told me he smoked but I guess he does. I wish he would of told me! Hahah well, him and I will smoke together someday. :)
Tomorrow I'm going to be 119. I'm planning ahead, I know. Ooops, heh. :} but I just want to loose this stubborn pound that's being so mean to me. :( I think I'm going to get going off to bed now, after a nice bing glass of cold water! Yepyep. Well, good night loveys.!


  1. you've just hit a plateau. as soon as you get past it you will be flying.

  2. Ellies right, it will shift and it will be soon, maybe not as soon as you want, but it will I promise.
    Rachel x

  3. Hey thanks for the comment, yeh theres no reason I can't do it, it's the easiest plan I think I have come up with to date, but I definately want to get those numbers done, both on the scale and calories.

    And no I'm sorry I'm in the UK, a texting buddy would have been great, sorry.

    Hope you have a good day.

  4. It's alright Rachel, and yeah you're probably right Ellie, thanks. :)