Sunday, July 11, 2010

chills on my neck and it makes me smile.

another day. today went better actually, at least i have to say so. i ate a veggie burger, and another, then a hot dog, then a hamburger, then a cupcake...and after all that, i thought to myself, "i DON'T feel like wanting to get it up." like, i was happy even though i ate all that. it was weird. but i ended up getting it up anyways. but i'm getting there, hopfeully. tomorrow is my first appointment, i have to eat lunch and snacks there? i don't care. i mean, they expect me to freak out and throw it up, but i won't. i'll play it cool, and as far as they're concerned, my last binge/purge was two weeks ago as of today. haha whateverrr. well i'm back down to 113! woo, until tomorrow. /: honestly, who the fuck cares. i'm not a model, i'm not pretty, so what does it matter if i'm skinny? ): whateverr,er,epfmeimgfiedmwefmlegv
imma get goin'. have a goodnighhhtt everyone.

currently listening to; summertime clothes by animal collective. <3


  1. Yeah, you're right, you aren't pretty, you're beautiful kiddo! So don't try to tell yourself otherwise :)
    Your intake today was good, realistic, too. Mine was pretty awful. Shame.
    Good luck with tomorrow [:

  2. ohmygod I am obsessed with that song right now!! so weird. I love it.