Monday, September 6, 2010


What's wrong with the world? Too much.
Girls grow up thinking they have to be stick skinny to please society; to please anyone and everyone.
Why can't they leave kids alone? Because they're fucking selfish, ignorant people in this cruel ass world.
Nobody can be themselves because everyone wants to live up to everyone elses' standards, am I not correct?
When has anyone NEVER cared about what someone else thought about them? Never?
I mean, maybe it's just human nature for us to be judgemental of everyone else around us. Maybe we're supposed to care too much about our bodies and the thoughts going through other's minds. Maybe it's what life is all about?
I don't think so.
Dood, I am fucking done caring about what other's have to say about me. Let people think I'm pregnant and ugly and fat or anorexic or WHATEVER THE HELL THEY WANT TO. It's human nature to judge someone as soon as we see them, whether we mean to or not; Yes? Yes.
When have you ever not judged someone? I know I do it every single day. Why can't for just once, people not judge others? Why not? Why?
Because it's just the way people are. People are greedy, selfish, lying, deceiving, idiots in this world today. Not everyone, no no no, but definitely most.
I mean, for real, am I not somewhat on the spot about today's world? Or am I just totally insane?
No, don't answer that. I don't care. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, yes, but do they really have to shove it in each other's faces? No. But of course they do anyways? Why? I don't know. Maybe I'll never know.

Honestly, people are going to talk shit. They're going to stab you in the fucking back when you least expect it. When you are at your lowest low in life people will just walk all over you, and push you down even harder and lower than you'd ever think possible.

That's where you have to ask yourself, "Do I really want to live this way? Do I really fucking want to take in every little comment people have to say about me?"
And I bet you'll answer "HELL NO."

I guess what I'm trying to say is, trust no one but yourself, for you don't know anyone better than you. You shouldn't listen to what others say about you; don't let it get you down. You cannot please everyone, let alone anyone in this world today. People are always, always going to judge you whether you want them to or not, it's uncontrollable. Why worry over something you can't control? Do something about what you can control, and that's worry about your own self. ♥
My goodness, my fingers are exhausted.
Does this make any sense? You're entitled to your opinion. (:

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