Sunday, September 19, 2010

We've come this far, we will not back down.

Girls, everyone on this site is absolutely beautiful, in my eyes. And we all have this thing telling us not to eat, and we feel good when we don't eat. We just want to be thin, and skinny, and see our bones. Yes yes yes. ♥
And we will accomplish that goal. I just want everyone to know, that I will definitely help you in any way I can. I've been there and done it all before, kinda sad that I'm only fifteen. Hah.
But everyone please just smile, you are beautiful.
Never listen to the shit people wanna' talk about you, it's worthless and so untrue. Listen to your own voice, not the one in your head. Only you can speak and have true happiness. And that's all there is to it.
Last night was pretty dumb. I'm upset over somethings, but on the bright side I got to smoke weed, ate only peanuts/raisins and eight pieces of popcorn. Worked probably most of it off by walking around high. (:
Seriously the herb is the best thing God put on this earth.
I'm reverting to Buddhism soon too. (: I just love the thought of this Buddha guy and peacefulness. I'm becoming a vegetarian again too. Fuck everyone who says I have to eat meat because of my eating disorder and shit, I don't give a flying fuck about what you tell me. I will do what I will do, in the most UNconceited way possible.
Well everyone just stay strong, look at those hip bones and your ribs and feel your tail bone all the way up your back;
for that is pure beauty that most people will never understand. ♥
Have a good day loveys. (: