Tuesday, August 10, 2010

august 10th.

14 more days until school. two more weeks. i'm not going back though, like i just can't. too many triggers and i just want to get myself together first. i'm going to get online schooling. then i can like go walk to a job and what not. euigsjfklsdf
life is tough. but it's what you make it. and i had to grow up a lot in this past week. well, as it turns out, my moms pressing charges against me and i have to go to court and what not. fuck. i don't really care i guess, im just pretty hurt that shes doing this and i havent done shit to her. i mean, i don't even have a mom anymore. i dont really even consider her as anything to me.

enough with that.
i dont feel like writing much right now.
maybe tomorrow.

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  1. School will be alright, dear. I'm afraid too. With dealers and shit. But we can both recover together, babe. We'll both be stronger because of it. And I promise you this will not live forever inside of you, it will always be there if you want it, but it will fade away. It's an addiction, and it will take a while to replace it, or forget it. The same for me and drugs.

    I was really surprised reading your blog how much we have in common. My mom is almost the same way. She chose my stepdad (who sexually aboused me for most of my life) over me. And that's a tough thing to get over.
    But there is hope. I promise it will be alright.

    Just you writing about it is a HUGE step. I'm proud of you. :)