Tuesday, August 17, 2010

i want to make an impression.

I wish I could go back to January. <3
Neil, this amazing boy really liked me then, and he would of done anything for me. But I didn't really feel the same for him. Now I'd do anything for him and he won't talk to me anymore.
I don't know, whateverr. I'm done with guys. They just, don't make me happy. And I want to be happy. Ugh. I'm done with this subject.
Doctor appointment tomorrow.
Court on Thursday. How great? Fuck you mom, fuck you. I'm so done with her, my God, I just fucking hate her! ):
It kinda sucks that I don't have a mom, then again, I don't really want one. If a mom is what my mom is, then I don't want another.
I can't talk about food anymore, but of course this girl just said, "yeah i know wht u mean. for the first time in a while i almost got sick while eating because i felt like i ate too much. and i barely ate anything. i think im getting my small appetite back and i like it!"
): It sucks. Everyything is so triggering for me. Whyy!?
I'm thirsty.
I think I'm going to go smoke.
Goodnight World.

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  1. sorry you're so down&i'm sorry your mom is such a shit example. hang in there, babygirl.