Monday, July 11, 2011

Good morning! This is day three of no binging! :)))
Saturday; ate absolutely nothing.
Sunday; some baby carrots.
Today I so far have nothin' in me, except coffee & tea, and I kinda feel like eating. I was laying in bed this morning, well after I got up and made some tea, but I was thinking about eating some of the carrots because I was feeling hungry. Well I did not! And then I contemplated it more and knew that if I took one bite, it would turn into a binge. So I'm just going to fill up with coffee and it should keep me good for the day. At 2:30 I'm working 'til seven so I will definitely be okay for today. But as of tonight, after work, I really hope and pray to God that my dad & Pam don't wait to eat until I get here. Ugh.
So I love Horoscopes and things like that and this is mine for today;

You're very excited about all the possibilities in your life now that the fiery Sagittarius Moon is tempting you to push your limits even further. You could even believe that the signs are telling you to go ahead and do it all, even if you don't have enough energy to keep up with such an active schedule. Be smart and practice saying no, or you might spread yourself so thin that you end up exhausting yourself and having no fun at all.
Um, is it not a little ironic that it's talking about pushing limits, spreading too thin, not enough energy? They are always right on the dot for me. And this one especially is exactly what's going on! ♥

So, here's an update on my pictures, please be as blunt as you can be, please.

Stomach is shrinking from no binging. ♥ Yay! I'll do more pictures some other day.
What else to say? Thank you again everyone who enjoys this blog as much as I do writing it. I know I've said this before but I'll say it again; this is going to be an every day thing for me. It really truly is. I have a tumblr and I LOVE the thinspo blogs on those. Mmmm ♥♥ Hahah
Alrighty, I'll talk to you guys later. Muuuchhh looovee ♥


  1. congrats on day 3 of no binging that is just great hun proud og u
    and horoscopes are so right soemtimes i follow them but nto all the time o nly when im in the mood
    ur legs look great hun

  2. Your legs are fantastic!!! Holy crap. I would kill for those :)


  3. You're legs are Skinny! (With a capital S) (: Good job on the no bingeing!

    This might sound weird, but could you post the measurements of your thighs though? i would love to know how many more centimeters i would have to loose before i got legs like that (:

  4. Ohhh my godddd! your my idol, you legs are amazing!