Sunday, July 3, 2011

One year ago,

Let's not even go back one year ago, okay?
Read that far back if you'd like, but I will not even repeat what tomorrow means to me. And of course it's Seth's Birthday & my uncle's. HA

Anyways. Fuck that.
I'm done with you mia. You make me into a disgusting, fat, uncontrolled freak. I will not be eating all the food in this house anymore. I won't be throwing it up either! I will be starving and sweating this fat off my body. Damn, where's recovery when you need it?
If I have to go to Mentor High this coming year, you better believe I will be in tip top shape for these bitches. It's NOT going to be easy, Mentor girls are tough, skanky whores who will tear you down. I'm not letting that happen to me.
Wow, I sound like I totally different person. I sound mean. I sound strong. I sound like no one can mess with me. I kinda like it. It makes me feel strong. :) Woooo! Haha now, let's not get carried away Megsss. If you guys didn't already know my name is Megan, hah I talk in third person sometimes and call myself Meggggss. I don't like when other people call me Meg though, Meg sounds like a fat name. Maybe it's just because it's me & I'm fat. No offfense to any Megs out there! Only me.
Sweat. Hot FLASH. Withdrawal? Withdrawal. Ugh.
Okay. You know what. I'm going to go work out. :)
Stay strong loveys. ♥


  1. hell yes! ok no more binging for the either of us, small goals at a time, like weight loss..if we make it through this week without MIA hopefully it will give you and I the confidence to go even longer..although, being at home around all that food will make it much harder for you. I would text but I'm in Turkey for another 4 weeks and trust me neither of us can afford that. wanna exchange gmails? (I check mine a lot)
    i hope your work out is excellent, i had a great one on site today.

  2. u are a storng person and u can do it