Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Happy Happy

Not really, I failed this whole no binging thing. Well kinda, just one all day yesterday! And it wasn't until 7pm! Woohooo!
My grandma is staying with my sister and I because my dad & his girlfrann are on vaca. They went shopping yesterday morning and came back with those new fudge dipped oreos, fig newtons, TWO tubs of ice cream, twizzlers, potato chips...and more. I resisted them the whole day, and I am so proud of myself! I went to see my mom at three, so I broke into some twizzlers. Not that bad, right? Well I had probably twenty of them. :( Then at her house I only ate some green beans, corn and onions. Went to my sister's friends house with her to pick them up because we were going to go watch fireworks and they all eat a lot. So of course, I was offered those mini candy bars...twix, milky way, three musketeers. My weakness = candy. I took some. I already ate a lot at my moms, like a bowl of veggies, and I was feeling full..so I turned it into a binge. Ate some of those oreo things when I came back to my dads. And then some pretzel m&m's. Neither were any good, I thought, but of course I still binged. But Nick, (sister's friend's brother) pretty cool guy. Except he's older, too old ha as he put it. But we talked the whole night, didn't really fit in with the others so we did our own thing. And boy, did we do it! ;) Hahaha not really, but you know. It was definitely there haha and he gave me his number so we were texting for a little bit last night, until I fell asleep dammit! He's all all like, oh I was hoping you'd text me! And all this cute shit haha but get this, I thought he was like 23 maybe at the highest age, but no, he's 29 ! Hahahaha ;)
He's cool and we're cool so it's all good. Nothing wrong with having a friend 13 years older than you right? Ahaha.
But yeah, that was my day yesterday. I weighed myself @ my moms and I was 123. :( ew ew ew and I'm soosososooo bloated today. not even on my period! fuck this. i didn't want to eat today but i already did, so im binging right after this and throwinggg it upp yo. Yeah yeah. I'm gonna go before my acids jump in. I need tips on fasting. Help help heeelpp, please!?


  1. I don't know whether fasting would help, it mostly just leads to binging whenever I've tried it. Maybe let yourself have a small bit of chocolate when you crave it and maybe because you aren't completely depriving yourself you wont binge?

    Thumbs up for the older man as well lol hope your "friendship" goes well :p

  2. you kind of failed me..im ending my fourth day pushing through my urges to binge..no mia.

  3. i let myself have samll treats it helps with the bingning