Monday, April 5, 2010

in process

today was awesome. :) i'm at 126 right now, my new low! tomorrow i'm totally going for 125, and i have a softball game so that'll help my burn even more calories. but i want to start seeing results on my thighs, they're not shrinking! :( maybe i'll take up jogging or something. and i want to start doing cardio, i hear that realllyy helps. i hope when i get to 120 i can keep it off. ahh, i'm in the process of transforming myself and it never felt soo good. :)
weell, i'm going to do some crunches, i want abs! haha not hardcore ones, but just so i'm pretty toned up. oh dear, my mother just asked what i want for dinner, i mean i'm not hungry but i can't let her suspect anything..
i'll figure it out.

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  1. First follower :)
    Hi, I'm Helen, look forward to reading your future blog posts, xo.