Wednesday, April 28, 2010

school days.

I'm at school right now, hopefully no one is watching me type this. I'm doing so horrible right now, I'm like 122. I'm trying to fast today but I don't think I'll make it because I have a game tonight and well, I'm going to have to eat or I'll pass out. Yesterday I binged and purged, the day before I binged and purged. I want to stop! :( I told my friend at school about this. She was bulimic and anorexic since sixth grade but she's better now, but she completely understands me and that's all that I really need right now; just someone who understands me. Her name's Kate. She even told me that she noticed that I'm tinier lately but she said that she didn't want to say anything. She told me I have to stop because it's not good and I know that! But I'm just not ready...
Well, Sorry this is short but I got to go now. Stay strong everyone, and please pray for me..


  1. I'll pray for you if thats what you would like :)
    Binging and purging isn't fun, I know that, you should try and eat normal amounts for a little but so you don't feel hungry then binge purge etc.
    Its good that you have someone that understands you, sometimes thats the best thing. xo.