Saturday, April 10, 2010

allll day, staring at the ceiling;

Thank you all for following! :) 11 followers now, woohoo! Haha and I thought nobody would want to read this. Weell, I'm at 123 now!! Yeeeah buddy :) I had another binge lastnight though, but obviouslyy it didn't stay down. This morning I also ate, but that's not in me either. I never really ever imagined myself getting down to this, I've always wished I could be but now I really am. And I thought at 120 I'd be tinyy, but I think I could loose another 10 - 15 pounds. It just feels soo good. :) Maybe a guy could actually pick me up without a struggle, haha. Well I called Colin last night, I guess we sorted everything out. It's still not right though; I kinda feel a break up coming on, but I can't let that happen. We've had a thing for each other for two years, and we just started dating last November 11th. Tomorrow will be our 6 month! At least I hope it will be. He's prude, haha and we've never even kissed yet. I'm like dyinggg because I'm nott prude at all! But I respect him and when the time is right, it'll happen. :) I'm sorry if I'm rambling about my boyy, hah.
Well how is everyone doing?? I need some texting buddies, please! I can only text in the U.S. though, so if you live here drop me a comment with your number and I'll for suree text you! :)
I'm going to work outt, a lot. Pitching, crunches, jogging/dog walking, lifting, anything to get down to 122 by tonight! I said I'd be 120 by Monday, and I'm going to stick to my words! Wishh me luck, and I hope everyone is doing well! :)


  1. Sorry I live in ireland, I would if I could though.

  2. I can only text people who have Blackberry messenger > <