Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cheesy? Not the food, LOL

You have a beauty all your own.
You have a beautiful soul, a beautiful mind, and a beautiful heart.
The person you are on the inside only accentuates and intensifies your external beauty.
You are beautiful because you contain substance.
Because you are imperfect and have flaws, yet strive to do good for yourself and others despite them.
You are most beautiful when you are genuine; when you speak your truth.
Because when you tear down the walls and cast aside the facades, your inner beauty shines with a light strong enough to illuminate the most impenetrable darkness.
This is beauty.
And it is you.

Yes, that is you. People are so beautiful and they don't realize it sometimes. I hope everyone out there realizes it. ♥
I wish a boy would say that to me. I wish a boy would buy me chocolates & flowers & write me love notes. LOL
No but really, that would be so cute. I wouldn't exactly eat the chocolates, but you know, it's the thought that counts.
I wish Adam was out, tomorrow is one month. Does it really count if he's in jail though? Mm..

In the tenuous dance of life, we are all fragile flames.
We can so easily be blown out; our life force stripped from us within seconds.
Yet we can so easily burn bright and grow, illuminating not only our own darkness, but lighting the shadowy paths of others whom are lost.
Tend to the fire that lies within you.
Feed it.
Nurture it.

June 15th

Sorry it's not the best picture but that's what I have for now. Ew. Fat Fat FAT. FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTT
Fucking disgusting. Sure I got the gap but there's still so much fat.
I'm getting aggitated and maybe it's because of all of the fat on me is growing and growing and I'll always be fat and ugly and disgusting.


  1. i feel the exact same right now. grossly aware of all the at enveloping my body currently.

    (though i wish i had your legs!) fact!

  2. I'm sure it's just the angle! i totally get how you're feeling though. and you were never fat and ugly and disgusting! (: