Friday, June 10, 2011


Fuck you Cassie. You post your little facebook status about me and drugs.
Well you're some fat, ugly piece of two faced shit. Seriously you are fat & two faced & ugly & shit. FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU.

Okay, I post my facebook status as "I need fulfillment."

Cassie the fatass says in her's "Not to burst your bubble, but you wont find fullfillment within alohol and drugs. Kayy."

What the FUCK?

Here's the conversation;

Me; Excuse me, but I don't know what I've ever done to you for you to even be bitching about me? I don't find fulfillment with drugs etc. THANKS.

Cassie; I know you've never said anything to my face, but you have lied to me. And I don't see what else you find fulfillment in considering that's all you talk about...and it just pisses me off that you act like no ones ever there for you. THANKS. :)

Me; Wtf are you even talking about? Like you never offered me yours & your stolen dad's pills in math? Like you never asked to drink with me? Hahah. It's not all I talk about & how do I act like no one's ever here for me?
Cassie; Because you begged me for my dads pills. Did I give them to you? No. Because I actully care about you and I dont treat you like a dog feeding you pills. Tori and I think of you more highly then some of those shitheads ever will. And from t...he way you just ignore tor. Ugh its like rediculous. Were always trying to help you quit. LIKE you say you do but dont. and how you say you absolutely hate madison. HAHHAH okay. You act like no one understands or gives a damn when there just lkosing there pateince.

Me; No I never begged you to steal them, you had them in your hands when I begged for them. Hell, anyone offers I don't say no. I ignore Tori? We don't even talk. You care? How is caring posting this status about me? How is this even helping me...? It's degrading. Let all of facebook know why don't you. I wasn't even talking about drugs when I said I needed fulfillment. Cassie, I find fulfillment in food an you know that. I deal with that problem by pills & shit. What I was talking about was that I need to find fulfillment in something other than food. Not drugs, like really? What people don't understand is this fucking addiction to food & it's whats killing me. Pills numb it, but its still there. You guys don't get it, nobody does unless they have the same disease. People think they can help but it's me who needs to help myself.

Cassie; Thye thing that just makes me angry, is that tori was there for you, and you lied to me, about spreading a bigger lie to like 5 people. Im not even gonna get into it. Kay Megan, seriously Im just tired of it. Im sorry its killing you but yo...u should think before you say I need fullfillment. And all that shit. We all know Madison is bad for you. You need help. Thats not helping you. Get real help from a real friend or from a center. cuz we care. sorry if it feels like Im degrading you, but you are the one who just admited everything in a status.

Me; By saying I need fulfillment? What the fuck, I'm done. Madison is not bad for me, she's my friend, stop bringing her into this equation because she has nothing to do with anything! 5 people whaat? I don't even get what you're saying. Send me back to fucking rehab, you see where that got me? You see what I did after I got out in November? Like that helped.
I do need help though, thanks for pointing that out. But whatever, just fucking don't post shit about me & drugs because it's retarded & you don't even know what you were talking about. Just stopppppppppppppppppppppppppp. I'm done.

Cassie; Im just trying to tell you your never gonna help yourself by making it numb. And if you really know that,m Im suprised. THANKS.

deleted all my shit. not even going to waste my time replying.
i can call that fat bitch out in a second.
but i wont.
fuck her fuck her fuckkkk her.
Ever since I got ed I lost everyone in my life. My best friend, now this friend? Well ex so called friend. I don't get it. Fuck you disgusting eating disorder. Fuck it dood. I need a draaankkk & my pills. fuck it.

Sorry i just needed to vent. New post tomorrow or something. :(

A lot of the people I thought were friends, aren't.

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