Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I never thought it'd be like this

Take me back to the Good Times.

I wanna be young again.

Oh well. How am I doing? Alright! Not really, but you know. ;)
Haha no I'm pretty good;
Weekend consisted of sister's graduation party. Restricted first half, binged & purged the rest of the night. God, there was so much food there, you couldn't imagine.
Monday consisted of a huge binge/purge in the morning then an almost successful fast! Korrine (counselor) weighed me and said my weight went down A LOT. (score!) but I guess I shouldn't be showing the weight loss off just yet, she can put me in IP. But I came back to Pam's to find out that she was appalled by the amount of food gone. (binge from the morning) says we can't 'pig out' like that, etc. Really triggering but, did me well.
Then Tuesday, yesterday, I fasted 'til dinner. Have a salad. Later last night I just couldn't control myself and I binged. (Yes, purged too. Don't feel like writing that also because I find it pointless. Anything I binge on without a doubt comes up!) But yeah. Then this morning I had a little binge, little for me at least ahah. Drinking coffee now for the rest of the day. Gonna try not to binge again. I gotta empty the bottles out from last night, sitting in the closet..
ew ew.
So yeah, that's been my life. Jonathan & I started talking again! I messaged him, talking to him about rehab, now we're texting, hopefully hanging out soon. And Adam I'm writing to still, but in a notebook again. Should send the last letters today but I think it's too late. Ah well. I wish I could get another one from him today. ♥
I pretty much blog in the notebook to Adam so that's why I'm not on here much. Wish I was, but whatever. Hope everyone is well! I start my job tomorrow. I'm going to put up another progress picture to the right, so go look look look! :)

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  1. sorry that ur b/ping so much
    but lik ei said u should sent the letters