Saturday, June 11, 2011

It's inspiration, not THINspiration.

I'm feeling good right now, head held high.
Fuck the dumb shit, I'm livin' life right now, I'm doin' me. ♥

Theme song of my day. :)

Thank you Kes & Dani for the answers! I mean, I kinda had all of that in mind, but I didn't know I could just drop dead..
It scares me.
I just ate a salad. Not a real salad, just some lettuce, cucumber, & onion. Then I salted it. Haha I put salt on everything! I'm keeping this down. I'm going to a graduation party now.
I'll write more laterrr.


  1. hey i call that a real salad its a real salad to me and yes keep it down keep drinkng fluids mayb even try some powerade 0 it will hlep ur electrolytes take care of urself hun and email me if u want

  2. have a great time at the party!

  3. It sounds like a great salad! I like having a salad of lettuce and tomato pieces (it actually tasted like grilled chicken once somehow, I must have been quite delusional at the time) I despise dressing for unknown reasons. I hope that you have a very fun time at the graduation party and I love your positive attitude!

    Just letting you know, I will be gone for 3 weeks starting tomorrow, I will miss commenting on and reading your blog, but I will be back, I promise. I hope that you have a lovely 3 weeks also, stay strong and stay beautiful. <3

    Ha I keep writing long-ish comments somehow, sorry!