Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hold on, we're getting closer now

The price we pay, is it worth it?
Those were two separate blogs I just read and they really inspired me. ♥
I just thought putting them together in one sentence would be cool.
Yeah, fuck you Colin Gower. I fell asleep last night on you, or I should say passed out cold, and we didn't do any picture exchange - So he texts me tonight, 8:54 pm, "Want to do the pic thing now" . Um yeah no! Seriously fuck guys. I'm gonna become a lesbian. Not really, but guys nowadays can really push us girls to that point! (Nothing at all against gays, much love and support!). Well today I woke up to an early morning BINGE! Fuck that. Then after my sister's graduation we have to go to Olive Garden. Oh well, binged off that place. And of course it's all floating away in the sewage systems somewhere. That's sad how much money I waste on food, how much food I waste on this body of nothing, how all the poor children in Africa could be eating but instead I'm letting them starve. :(
I don't want to think that far anymore. I'm sorry.

Hopefully Madison can come pick me up later. Hell yeah I'm sneaking out!
I'm trying to be straightedge. Hahaha no seriously. I want to be, but then as soon as someone offers I'm not going to say no! I'm too easily influenced, vulnerable, inpatient. I don't want to be any of those words anymore.
I saw my mom again today. Every time I see her I get in this complete angry / agitated feeling. I'm so irritable! That's the word. Every single thing she says I get tense at and mad. I don't know why.
Well the parentals are back. I think I won't pretend to go to sleep or anything and totally not wait for Madison. Ha
I'm going to write tomorrow. Thank you guys for commenting, it makes me happy to know someone out there is reading my thoughts and actually caring enough. ♥ Thank youus :)


  1. i read ur thoughts hun
    yeah ive been wasting alot of food down teh toilet as well lately i hate that i do it

  2. have fun later!
    (or hope you had fun)

  3. "the price we pay, is it worth it?" That is quite cool! (: I'm sorry that guy seems like he is bothering you, you deserve to be treated better! Have fun sneaking out! I hope you have a lovely time, you deserve it! <3